Monday, April 30, 2018

I've been home in the U.S. for about 3 weeks now, and I am already missing the beauty, people and Church in Uganda.

During the last week of March, we hosted my mother and our dear family friend, Holly, in Kabale after their adventures in Rwanda with the famous silverback gorillas. Together we enjoyed touring the mountainsides, and I had the great privilege to introduce my mother to all the people who have been such a wonderful influence in my life for the past 6 months.

Our family with Pastor Magambo's family at Lake Bunyonyi

We had many insightful conversations when we were welcomed into PAG Church's Bishop's home with his wife and granddaughter, and another pastor from PAG. Over a traditional home-cooked meal, my mother and Holly were able to hear about the stories and the culture from the bishop that well-encompassed my time in Uganda.
Dinner at Bishop Tumwijuke's home
The night before we left Kabale to head to the eastern part of Uganda, my Rwakaraba church pastor, Emmanuel Magambo, hosted us in his home with the leaders of our church to commemorate our time together. We remembered when I had first arrived to Kabale and the way we grew together to be family, and we sang praises to God for the gift of salvation. What a sweet goodbye memory!

Rwakaraba Church family presenting their parting gift
After we made the long journey to Namukuma village in the eastern region of Uganda, we finally reached the Spirit Led Educational Ministries Resource Center where our friend Tim resides and operates a children's ministry out of. We had a morning bible study with friends from Namukuma village and had a chance to play games with children that afternoon. The next day, we said our sad goodbyes and left Sarah and Lianna in Kampala as we were driven to the airport the evening of April 6th.

My mother and Holly in morning Bible study 

Children of Namukuma village in Uganda

After we left Kampala, we made a stop in Paris, France where our French-speaking friend, Holly, showed us around the famous city and its highlights within just a few short days. 

When we finally reached home in Lexington, Kentucky, I was welcomed home by my loving family and have enjoyed sharing the memories from living in Kabale with everyone at home. As I settle back into life here, I am so grateful for the opportunity to live alongside Godly, talented, and uniquely designed people and call them my friends and family. I look forward to the day when I know I will return to my second home, and see and hear about the wonderful things God continues to do in the lives and community of Kabale, Uganda. In the meantime, it is my privilege to remain in prayer for the PAG Church, Kabale community, and my friends as they pursue their individual dreams and callings, and I invite you to be in prayer with me!

To my Kabale friends:
Mukama asiimwe! Webare munonga. Mukama omugisha. 

p.s. The two most popular modes of transportation in Uganda will forever be in my memories: 

Boda boda rides
Mud paths